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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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A Quick Test

A simple test for your hardwood floor can be done by placing a few drops of water on it. If the water soaks into the wood immediately or quickly, it’s time for hardwood floor refinishing. Refinishing the wood will help restore it to its original capability of repelling water, making it much easier to clean and avoid water damage.

Refinishing hardwood floors - what does that mean?

Refinishing your old floors means sanding away scratched surfaces and adding a new stain and finish, to restore them to their original look and luster. In some situations, refinishing your hardwood floors will require them to be sanded down in order to remove scratches and scuffs that have accumulated throughout the years. Sanding hardwood floors can be done by a Sexton professional to ensure that it and the wood floor refinishing process is being done correctly.

Hardwood floor refinishing - who should consider it?

When your hardwood flooring is weathered, buying a new hardwood floor may not be within your budget. All that may be needed is just a facelift. Refinishing your old floor can bring it back to life. You can negate the floor’s damage without having to pay a hefty price for the same look. At Sexton Hardwood Flooring, our team specializes in sanding and custom refinishing of hardwood floors. We restore your old floors to their original appearance and shine.

Wood Floor refinishing - how often should it be done and how long will it take to complete?

About every 10-15 years of reasonable wear, a standard floor should be refinished. Depending on household traffic, it could be even sooner than that. A typical ¾ inch solid hardwood floor can be refinished up to 10 times in its lifetime. An ordinary hardwood floor refinishing process could take from 3-5 days to complete.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing can take up to 24 hours to dry for it to be appropriate to walk on. Home furniture should not be returned until the finish is fully cured, which can take 48 - 72 hours. We recommend that you wait up to 15 days before placing area rugs down because the finish will still be soft and we want to ensure that the curing process is complete.

How does your team refinish hardwood floors? Will my family be able to function while you work?

At Sexton Hardwood Flooring, our experts know how to sand and refinish hardwood floors using state of the art "dustless" tools and technology to strip the floors of scratches and damage, before applying a stain or seal. We use non-toxic stains and eco-friendly commercial water base finishes. We add 3 coats of protective waterborne or Swedish surface finish, for that luxury look. The Sexton team will ensure that the project is done quickly, professionally, and safely!

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